A Very Austen Anthology

When My Characters Won’t Behave

More to Love, Maestro, & In My Dreams

When Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, Barbara Cornthwaite, and I decided to collaborate on another anthology in our A Very Austen series, I began to write More to Love, thinking it would be my story in A Very Austen Valentine. Nope. Beckett, Darcy, and Elizabeth commandeered that rowboat and made it into an aircraft carrier.

More to Love line 4

Since More to Love would be too long to be my entry, I turned to Maestro as my story, but Mary, Alessandro Landini, and Thaddeus Beckett were determined to have a full-length book, too.


Now I’m writing In My Dreams for the anthology, and I am DETERMINED that it will not pass twenty thousand words. That’s a short story for me. I’m limiting my characters to Darcy and Elizabeth with a few servants.




Would you like to join me in an adventure?

Let’s pretend we’ve been friends for years.

That awkward first meeting (2)

I’ve lived inside my head since I was old enough to think, and I have no idea when that was. I do remember being called to the front of the class in second grade to tell the other students a story, and I made up a whopper.

That became a regular gig.

When people ask me what kind of  books I write, I hem and haw, because my first three-book series was a paranormal romance, my second three-book series was a time-travel body-swap romance, and my seventh book was sweet Regency romance.

I really have to decide on a brand. Ha!