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Launch Day!

Laura, Wendi, Barbara, Susan, Mandy, and I are thrilled to announce our book launch of A Very Austen Valentine on Janet Taylor’s More Agreeably Engaged today.

AVAV available

Visit More Agreeably Engaged today to find out how these six authors became friends and published this book that friendship built.


A Very Austen Valentine: Austen Anthologies, Book 2, is now available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.

A Very Austen Anthology

When My Characters Won’t Behave

More to Love, Maestro, & In My Dreams

When Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, Barbara Cornthwaite, and I decided to collaborate on another anthology in our A Very Austen series, I began to write More to Love, thinking it would be my story in A Very Austen Valentine. Nope. Beckett, Darcy, and Elizabeth commandeered that rowboat and made it into an aircraft carrier.

More to Love line 4

Since More to Love would be too long to be my entry, I turned to Maestro as my story, but Mary, Alessandro Landini, and Thaddeus Beckett were determined to have a full-length book, too.


Now I’m writing In My Dreams for the anthology, and I am DETERMINED that it will not pass twenty thousand words. That’s a short story for me. I’m limiting my characters to Darcy and Elizabeth with a few servants.