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About the Book

more-to-love-cover-188x300Book: More to Love

Author: Robin Helm

Genre: Christian Historical Sweet Romance

Release Date: February 12, 2019

“She is tolerable, I suppose, but there is rather too much of her to tempt me.” Overhearing Mr. Darcy’s rude dismissal of her shocks and mortifies Elizabeth Bennet to the core. She is living her worst fear, and it galvanizes her into action. Soon, the gentleman cannot keep his eyes from her, but can she forgive his thoughtless judgment of her appearance and character? Especially since he faces a worthy competitor for her attention? Who will win the lady’s hand, along with the right to love her through thick or thin?

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More to Love provides an excellent look into body image and the effects negative comments can have on a woman and her self-esteem.  Elizabeth Bennet overhears a man make a…

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My Excellent Summer Adventures

Do not be cast down, gentle readers, if your children are growing like weeds and preparing to leave the familial nest, for I have found that traveling to see them is a very enjoyable thing. And, if you are fortunate, they shall visit you as well.


This past summer was the busiest I can remember since my daughters moved away.

My elder daughter and her family (my grandchildren!) came to see us in June. They went to Vacation Bible School, took swimming lessons from my sister Layne, and helped me out with a photo shoot at my sister Gayle’s pool.

During that time, I flew to Detroit for a few days with my younger daughter.

Their visit ended with a cookout and pool party at Gayle’s.


Larry and I went with our choir to sing the National Anthem at a Charlotte Knights minor league baseball game. It rained for three hours while we waited to sing, but we had a grand time.


A few weeks after that, we hit the road for a trip to Detroit to visit our daughter and son-in-law. While we were there, we visited my husband’s family (for the first time in fifteen years), went to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum, strolled around Plymouth, and attended a Detroit Lions pre-season game (my first NFL game!).

Larry and I first went to museum and village on our honeymoon, forty-two years ago, so my daughter took a commemorative picture for us. 20180816_132711

Our daughter returned home with us, and we had a fabulous photo shoot for my book covers. She was my cover girl for Understanding Elizabeth, and I love that cover!



Model: Melanie Thompson. Photographer: Anna Beckham. Costumes by Jennifer McCoy. Venue: Rosewood on Country Club Road in Lancaster, South Carolina.


Would you like to join me in an adventure?

Let’s pretend we’ve been friends for years.

That awkward first meeting (2)

I’ve lived inside my head since I was old enough to think, and I have no idea when that was. I do remember being called to the front of the class in second grade to tell the other students a story, and I made up a whopper.

That became a regular gig.

When people ask me what kind of  books I write, I hem and haw, because my first three-book series was a paranormal romance, my second three-book series was a time-travel body-swap romance, and my seventh book was sweet Regency romance.

I really have to decide on a brand. Ha!